Monday, November 26, 2012

from flags and uniforms to....where?

So there it is, uniform plates for all the regiments of all the duchies of Estria. I opened this series of posts a few weeks ago with a nod to the source for all the uniform templates, and I would like to close the same way, with thanks to David of "Not by Appointment" ( ) for making available such a wealth of uniform templates that are  fun to work with, and, though historically rooted, are also a great way to try out imagi-nation uniform ideas.

The figures I imagine painting to build these regiments (HaT's 1/72 plastics) will I hope be released within the next six months or so, but in the meantime, now I must decide on some other avenues to make the Principality of Estria just a little more real.

There are over a hundred named personalities that need fleshing out, and so far I have only done biographical sketches for a few dozen of them. Definitely something I need to finish.

Also, I will admit I am sometimes tempted to jump the gun and just start playing out the intrigue phase before the character sketches are done. I do have a couple of hundred randomly-generated personalities, so I could just give the remaining nobles of Estria number-based characteristics now and save the descriptive text for later.

Another option is to start making some civilians and personality figures, since as far as I know, there are none in 1/72. Unfortunately, sculpting in 1/72 can be a nightmare. Presumably that is why almost nobody actually does it. Here is where choosing 1/72 as my scale of choice starts to look less like a money-saver and more like a rod for my back. Oh well.


  1. Fleshing out personalities and playing (Court ?) intrigues and plots seems specially fitting for Le Grand Bal Masqué? Les ferrets de la Reine, l'Affaire des Poisons, l'Affaire du collier de la Reine...

    Regarding civilians and personality figures, there are a few in 3D models range (also there). A box of 1/72 SYW or AWI infantry can be relatively inexpensive source of tricornes to 'tag' miniatures "18th C.".
    Bodstonia is "created" in 172.

  2. If I may, I'd like to suggest that you fill some of your time with . . . "terrain building".

    You will need buildings, hills, woods, water features, etc. . . . now is a good time to build them.

    -- Jeff

  3. Thanks guys, food for thought.

    Jeff, it's true I hadn't thought of getting started on terrain at this point, but a small rococo villa or chateau could be a fun little project.

    And Abdul, thanks for the links, I wasn't aware of those figures. The "three French beauties" are truly irresistable!!!

  4. Thanks for the further acknowledgement - you've done a very good job of colouring and presenting the templates and making them your very own army. :-)