Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Forces of the Gran Ducato di Brescegna: Cavalry

The Brescegnian cavalry include one regiment of Grantaiere a Cavallo, three regiments of dragoons, one of cuirassiers, and one of hussars. Dragoon coats, like those of the infantry, are green.

The Granatieri a Cavallo della Granduchessa, based at Brescegna, are commanded by Giancarlo Ludovico di Brescegna. Light green coats, pale cyan facings. Again, Austrian influence is apparent in the style of bearskin worn by the Granatieri a Cavallo.

The Reggimento di Dragoni della Cittavecchia, based at Zirona, are commanded by Gianfranco Fortunato di Zirona. Facing colour is blue.

The Reggimento di Dragoni Tranti is based at Tarantina, under the command of Paolo Enrico, Marchese di Tarantina. Facing colour is pink.

The Reggimento di Dragoni San Caglio, based at Savona, is commanded by Emiliano Raffaele di Savona. Facing colour is yellow.

The Corazzieri Casanuova, based at Tarantina, are commanded by Francesco Raffaele, Barone di Parmeso. Lavender coats, white facings.

The Corsari di Darmato are based at Bàssina. Their colonel is Carlo Massimiliano di Bàssina. Hussar-style uniform with white dolman, red breeches, and red pelisse trimmed with brown fur. Instead of the mirliton, they wear tall brown busbies, another sign of Austrian influence.


  1. Another marvelous set!
    "Finally, the forces of the Gran Ducato di Brescegna": *finally*? Wow! Do you intend to have all these glamorous regiments in miniature?

  2. thank you and yes! "finally" because I have now done uniforms and flags for every unit in the Principality. No more templates to do.

    Putting paint to plastic will depend on HaT's release of their SYW infantry, which is coming up.....I expect by midsummer next year. Fingers crossed.