Friday, November 2, 2012

The Forces of the Duché de Marignac

The Duc de Marignac maintains a small force of two infantry regiments, one dragoon regiment and a company of artillery. All wear maroon coats.

The Régiment des Fusiliers des Trois-Villes, based at Marignac, is personally commanded by Georges-Henri, Duc de Marignac. Facing colour is grey.

The Régiment des Fusiliers des Saints is based at St-Bertin. Their colonel is Phillippe André, Viscomte de St-Bertin. Facing colour is salmon-pink.

The Régiment des Dragons du Confluent is based at Charbonne and commanded by Joachim Antoine, Comte de Charbonne. Facing colour is powder blue.

The small Compagnie des Artilleurs du Duc, based at Marignac, is commanded by the Duke's son, Charles Louis de Marignac. Facing colour, as with most Estrian artillery, is black.


  1. Marroon? I'd say 'Bordeaux' (because 'Bourgogne' / Burgundy sounds less fitting with Marignac).
    Pleasant names: compliments!

  2. Thank you about the names. Yes, good point about Burgundy, I won't use that term, but in English the traditional term for wines from Bordeaux (and their colour) is "claret," and I don't think this is really a claret colour. Perhaps I will default to "crimson!"