Friday, November 2, 2012

The Forces of the Ducato di Rimaldi

The Duca di Rimaldi maintains a small force of three infantry regiments, one dragoon regiment and a batallion of artillery. All wear brown coats.

The Reggimento della Fanteria di Rimaldi, based at Rimaldi, is commanded by Giacomo Franscesco di Rimaldi. Facing colour is powder blue.

The Reggimento della Fanteria del’Estroponte is based at Castellangelo. Their colonel is Victor Emanuele, Visconte di Castellangelo. Facing colour is green.

The Reggimento della Fanteria della Fera is based at Figaròla. Their colonel is Carlo Federico di Figaròla. Facing colour is pink. This is a change, originally I intended the facing colour to be red, and designed their standard accordingly. However, I decided I preferred the combination of brown and pink. Coincidentally (or not), brown and pink are the colours of my old college at Cambridge.

The Reggimento digli Dragoni Ducale is based at Rimaldi and personally commanded by Marco Antonio, Duca di Rimaldi. Facing colour is yellow.

The Battaglione d’Artiglieria Ducale di Rimaldi, based at Rimaldi, is commanded by Ludovico, Cavaliere d'Arezzo. Facing colour is black.


  1. Nice uniforms, and perfectly 'credible', brown was associated with Italian (and Corsican) units in French service.

    So glad to have you back on-line!

  2. Thank you! Yes the whole brown thing was rather inspired by the blue-on-brown uniforms of the Napoleonic Legion du Midi, a scheme I have always liked...