Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Forces of the Großherzogtum von Zeichen-Nietschbaden: Cavalry

The Zeichener horse include one regiment of Grenadiere-zu-Pferde, three regiments of dragoons, one of cuirassiers and one of hussars. Dragoons, like the foot, wear dark blue coats.

The Grenadiere-zu-Pferde von Großherzogin Maria, based at Nietschbaden, are commanded by Friedrich Albrecht von Zeichen-Nietschbaden. Mid-blue coats with dark blue facings (I am not quite committed to the mitre-caps on these guys).

The Dessergau Dragoner-Regiment are based at Desse under the command of Georg Heinrich, Graf von Desse-Harmstreicht. Crimson facings.

The Sauberg Dragoner-Regiment, based at Hochwald, are commanded by Franz August, Graf von Hochwald. Green facings.

The Obersee Dragoner-Regiment, based at Schwerburg, are commanded by Karl Rudolf, Graf von Schwerburg. Lavender-pink facings.

The Doppelkirchen Kurassiere, based at Darmsdorf, are commanded by Franz Joachim von Darmsdorf. White coats, red facings.

The Dornschlacht Husaren, based up at the Ober-Tierwald, are commanded by Friedrich Wilhelm, Markgraf von Ober-Tierwald. Hussar-style uniform with mirliton cap. Grey breeches and dolman, sky-blue pelisse trimmed with black fur.

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  1. Another magnificent set of beautiful uniforms and flags, as 'imaginative' as 'realistic'.
    That the musicians of a few regiments don't follow the 'general rule' is a nice touch adding to realism.

    "I am not quite committed to the mitre-caps on these guys": what else, given the obvious 'style' of the army?
    Then, an historical alliance or the 'patronage' by a foreign sovereign *could* justify a 'British' mitre, a 'Russian' helmet-mitre or even a 'Roman Catholic' bearskin...