Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Forces of the Großherzogtum von Zeichen-Nietschbaden: Infantry

Now the forces of the Großherzogtum von Zeichen-Nietschbaden, starting with the foot. With the exception of the Garnlander Fusilier-Regiment, the Zeichener foot regiments wear dark blue coats, with facings in a variety of colours. Musicians are generally distinguished by lace rather than reversed colours.

The Nietschbaden Grenadiere, based at Nietschbaden, are personally commanded by Franz Eugen Amadeus, Großherzog von Zeichen-Nietschbaden. The Grenadiere are composed of the grenadier companies of the musketeer regiments. However, they do not retain their original regimental facings, but rather wear white facings, embellished with Brandenburgs.

The Garnlander Füsilier-Regiment, based at Garnisch, are commanded by Maximilian, Markgraf von Garnisch-Herzgau. They wear fusilier caps and mid-blue coats with red facings.

The Herzgau Musketier-Regiment, also based at Garnisch, are commanded by Heinrich Wilhelm von Garnisch-Herzgau. Facing colour is green. The Herzgau Musketeers are one of the few Zeichener regiments whose musicians wear reversed colours in addition to lace.

The Wiesengau Musketier-Regiment is based at Wisselstadt. Their colonel is Joachim Ferdinand, Burggraf von Wisselstadt. Facing colour is yellow.

The Oberzeichen Musketier-Regiment, their depot at Darmsdorf, is commanded by Karl Johan, Burggraf von Darmsdorf. Facing colour is lavender, and musicians wear reversed colours.

The Durchdenwalder Musketier-Regiment is based at Reichental. Their colonel is Wolfgang, Freiherr von Holzbach. Facing colour is orange.

Tierwalder Musketier-Regiment, based at Hassenbruck, is commanded by Ludwig Ferdinand von Hassenbruck. Facing colour is pink.

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