Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Forces of the Gran Ducato di Brescegna: Infantry

Finally, the forces of the Gran Ducato di Brescegna, starting with the foot. The foot regiments of Brescegna wear green coats. Some Austrian influence is apparent in the style of bearskin worn by the Granatieri. In all regiments, musicians wear reversed colours.

The Granatieri della Guardia Granducale, based at Brescegna, are personally commanded by Federico Massimiliano, Gran Duca di Brescegna. Pale green coats, green facings.

The Reggimento di Moschettieri della Bresca are based at Montecorvo, under the command of Gianmarco Cosimo di Montecorvo. The moschettieri are recruited from the villages of the upper Bresca valley. They are the only Brescegnian regiment to be designated "moschettieri" and their all-green uniforms are intended to evoke light infantry skirmishers. They are considered an elite of sorts, but in truth, their training and equipment are little different from those of the other foot regiments. Green coats, light-green facings, and fusilier caps.

The Reggimento di Fanteria Maggiano, based at Magenta, is commanded by Alessandro Capriano, Cavaliere di Sampietro. Facing colour is red.

The Reggimento di Fanteria Sparviero is based at Bàssina. Their colonel is Antonio Emiliano, Conte di Bàssina. Facing colour is lavender-pink.

The Reggimento di Fanteria Colorne, based at Savona, is commanded by Giambattista Francesco, Marchese di Savona. Facing colour is orange.

The Reggimento di Fanteria della Isola is based on the island of Roccaforte. Their colonel is Emanuele Stefano, Visconte di Roccaforte. Facing colour is light blue.

The Reggimento di Fanteria Terezzano is based at Zirona, under the command of Giacomo Amadeo, Conte di Zirona. Facing colour is capucine.

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