Friday, November 2, 2012

The Prince's Own Regiments

The Prince of Estria maintains two regiments, both based in Orlezzo: the Granatieri della Guardia Principesca, and the Veliti della Principessa. Both have turquoise coat colours, the facing colours being green for the Granatieri and blue  for the Veliti.

The Granatieri della Guardia Principesca, commanded by Pierre-Paul André, Chevalier de Montcarnet, guard the Palace at Orlezzo and serve as the personal escort for the Prince and his family. Like most Estrian "regiments," there is only one batallion. Recruitment is largely from Orlezzo and its environs, with cadres of veterans recruited from the grenadier companies of the Dukes and Grand-Dukes of the Principality. They are considered the elite of the elite.

The Veliti della Principessa (Colonel: Friedrich Adelbrecht, Ritter von Adlerberg), unusually, boast a strength of two full batallions. The first batallion garrisons the City of Orlezzo, and serves as a municipal police and firefighting  force. The second batallion mans the guns of the city fortifications, including the outer shore batteries that command the seaward approaches to the city. Recruitment is largely from Orlezzo, but the second batallion includes heavy  artillery specialists recruited from across Europe, and the officer class, at least, has a somewhat international flavour. The fusilier caps sported by the first batallion are a fairly recent introduction. The Colonel is rather keen on them.

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