Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Forces of the Grand Duché d'Anchoise: Cavalry

The Anchovian horse include one regiment of Grenadiers-à-Cheval, three regiments of dragoons, one of cuirassiers and one of hussars. Dragoon coats are powder blue.

The Grenadiers-à-Cheval de la Grande-Duchesse, under the command of François Josephe d'Anchoise, are based at Anchoise. Coat colour is white, with purple facings.

The Régiment des Dragons Mouloises, based at Fauconbourg, are commanded by Louis Eugène, Vicomte de Fauconbourg. Powder-blue coats, crimson facings.

The Régiment des Dragons de la Basse-Anche are based at Échantillon. Their colonel is Charles Henri, Marquis d'Échantillon. Powder-blue coats, green facings.

The Régiment des Dragons de la Clouse, based at Malaise, are commanded by Alexandre Louis de Malaise. Powder-blue coats, orange facings.

The Régiment des Cuirassiers d’Orlandy, based at  Veaudreuil, are commanded by Jean-Jacques, Vicomte de Veaudreuil. Butter-yellow coats, powder blue facings.

The Régiment des Hussards de Maupassant, based at Repentigny, are commanded by Phillippe Auguste, the elderly Comte de Repentigny. Hussar-style uniform with mirliton cap. Red breeches and dolman, blue pelisse trimmed with brown fur.