Wednesday, March 16, 2011

more arms

the arms of the Granducato di Brescegna. This is the concept, anyway. The mermaid and especially the dolphin images were small to start with, so they end up looking coarse and heavy-handed. The mermaid is okay, but I am not all that happy with the dolphins. If I can find higher-resolution ones that I like, then I'll re-work this. If not, I'll live with it.

For some reason I insist that the heraldic dolphin supporters be in this doubly-embowed diving position, like on an old lamp-post. But sadly, it's not common to find drawings of them like this. The mermaid reminds me very much of one that has already been used in an Imagi-Nation: specifically, the lascivious creature on the flag of the Presipality of Monte-Cristo. I expect mine is derived from the very same image. 

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  1. Certainly the same 'Mermaid in vanity' indeed.
    "NBA" David did several high-resolution flags 'reflecting Monte-Cristan cultural influence' for Enteburg in Pangaea and for Herrschaden in 'Eveurope': these last I posted on my blog somewhat reduced with the agreement of David and the Direktorat.

    The dolphins are indeed unusual, and thus are another matter. Then, I'm quite sure David could improve them?