Tuesday, March 15, 2011

...but there will still be banners and battalions....

Rather to my surprise I finished six character sketches this evening, that's 18 done in total. So to take a break from that, it's back to flags. The fleur-de-lys ground looked so nice on those cavalry guidons I decided to try using it as a ground for some Anchoise infantry flags.

Yes, I know, another flag design with terribly obvious historical precedents. Then I tried plonking the Anchoise arms in the middle of one of them:

Check it out! I wasn't going to go that route, Originally, I was planning just a simple white cross on a facing colour ground. But I like the look with the arms added. And they move the design one step further away from historical French, which is good. Yup, I think I'll add the coat of arms to the others, too.


  1. David Linienblatt von Tippelbruder, of NBA fame, was so amused by my comment about lys <=> frogs that he sent me quasi-'pean' fields of golden frogs on purple (re. ancient emperors) and green (re. Napoleon -but he choose honeybees) backgrounds.
    As for bats, they were considered for the flags of Herrschaden, but the Direktorat finally choose winged skulls.

  2. I also like the look of the central coat of arms.

    -- Jeff