Friday, March 4, 2011

A Coat of Arms

Back to graphics for a bit and now the Principality has its Coat of Arms.

Frankly, until now I hadn't given much thought to the arms of the Principality itself, as most of the regimental standards will bear the arms and devices of one of the Principality's Dukes or Grand Dukes. But then I found a nice graphic of a shield with triton and mermaid supporters that neatly matched the design on the map of the Principality that I posted previously. So I ran with it and voila the arms of the Prince of Estria.

As the arms make clear, the Principality, and especially the princely seat at Orlezzo, is something of a maritime power.

The arms of  Estria's two Dukes and three Grand Dukes will follow in due course.

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