Friday, March 18, 2011

and so it goes...

I am up to 22 character sketches, a little shy of 20% done. For the flags, I can't look at those dolphins any more. I have now blown them up a few 100 times, greyed them out and I am slowly tracing them out with finer lines.

In the meantime, to cleanse my palate, I thought I would try something easier: The Duché de Marignac.

Maroon and grey/silver is the theme here, and this will play out in the Duchy's uniforms and standards as well. In fact, since the Duke fields only a tiny army, with two regiments of foot and one of horse, I can clear the standards in pretty short order.

First, the guidon of the  Régiment des Dragons du Confluent (maroon coats, powder blue facings):

Next, the Régiment des Fusiliers des Trois-Villes (maroon coats, grey facings):

And the Régiment des Fusiliers des Saints (maroon coats, salmon-pink facings):

Finally, there is also the small Compagnie des Artilleurs du Duc:
Their standard mostly gathers dust in the depot but now and then they bring it out on parade. Maroon and  black.

To me, the regimental standards of Marignac have a slightly archaic look, perhaps more 17th century than 18th. But that's okay, a little archaism doesn't hurt. Maybe I should go whole hog with the archaic theme and use outmoded GNW figures for the Duché de Marignac. Any thoughts?


  1. Your flags and coats of arms are very inspiring, thanks!!!

  2. I like the slightly old-fashioned look.

    -- Jeff

  3. "Outmoded GNW figures for the Duché de Marignac?"
    Why not indeed? It would only highlight the 'individuality' of the Duché.
    Historically WAS and even early SYW French infantry, mostly without turnbacks, looked 'old fashioned' by contrast with most contemporary armies.
    On the other hand, GNW Swedes already had turnbacks...

  4. Minden French look ecxellent for what you have in mind, just slightly archaic, or any other brand of french with open coat.

    At the moment Im still mapping out my country and diplomatic angles with my neighbours. I have not even got to thinking about standards yet. Your Imagi Nation is going very well.


  5. thank you all for the positive feedback!

    yes, I like the idea of going archaic with these guys. And yes, those Minden figures do look magnificent....