Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arms and Flags for the Fifth and Final Duchy

That would be the Ducato di Rimaldi. The double-headed eagle on the coat of arms displays the sword-and-key so emblematic of the Rimaldi dukes.

Rimaldi, like Marignac, is a small duchy with a small army, so it was quick work to do up all their standards.

First, the Reggimento di Fanteria di Rimaldi:

Next, the Reggimento di Fanteria del’Estroponte:

and the Reggimento di Fanteria della Fera:

and finally, the guidon of the Reggimento dei Dragoni Ducale:

And that is about it for designing arms and flags for Estria. I do have to redo the arms of Brescegna, but that is a matter more of execution than design.

Time to move on to other things: those interminable character sketches, and also rules for the intrigue game!


  1. Good-looking flags . . . and I particularly like the black eagle on orange on the coat of arms.

    -- Jeff

  2. Fabulous collection of coats of arms and flags
    -- Allan

  3. thank you! Yes the black eagle on orange looks a little German to me, but that's okay. I figure the key motif Italianizes it a little bit.

    I notice the Reggimento della Fera has some real noticeable distortion around the wreath that is absent in the others. I must have done something different when I reduced the size and image quality on that one for posting. Fortunately the original image is a large bmp and has no distortion.