Friday, March 11, 2011

Another guidon

Again for Zeichen-Nietschbaden, this time using the full coat of arms. I expect I will use this scheme for one or two cavalry regiments. Not with this facing colour though! You can see how muddy the details get with background colours like this....


  1. This yellow-orange is indeed (too) close to 'gold' for good contrast.
    It was not without reason that the 'laws of heraldry' state: "No metal upon metal, no tincture upon tincture".

    Purple, maybe?

  2. The no metal on metal, no colour on colour rule is one I break often. I am sure you are right about the purple though, the contrast would be great on flags. Unfortunately the contrast on uniforms would not be so good, at least with the dark blue of Zeichen-Nietschbaden.

    Purple is an option though for the white uniforms of Anchoise. In fact, you have now inspired me to do a test guidon for the Anchoise cavalry!