Saturday, February 12, 2011

where does this come from and where is it going?

Like many Imagi-Nationeers, my interest lies in creating an imaginary historical context for creating and gaming with miniature lace war armies. In this I suppose I was first inspired by some of the articles by Charles Grant back in the 70s, though at the time I did not pursue it. Since then I find myself re-inspired by seeing these ideas continued and elaborated in so many Imagi-Nation blogs. The mix of gaming and narrative, personalities, skirmish-type scenarios, and pitched battles that I see elaborated in these blogs pushes all my buttons.

Unlike many Imagi-Nationeers, I have no miniature army. Yet. I am looking forward to HaT releasing their SYW range in 1/72, and/or Revell re-releasing their SYW sets again. Either way, I know I will be waiting a while.

But there is much to be done in the meantime. Coats of arms to be designed, and standards that will be carried into battle. Uniforms. Characters and personalities. I am tinkering with a system for executing and resolving characters' "courtly" actions, and if this is successful then the characters of the Principality can start interacting with each other in the ballrooms (and the bedrooms), and the bitter rivalries can be well-established even before any armies eventually arrive on the shelves.  Here's hoping.


  1. Sounds interesting, sir. And, yes, a great deal can be done "on paper" (or computer) before paintbrush ever hits plastic.

    -- Jeff

  2. Check out Avalon Hill's "Down With the King". Long out of print, but may be available on ebay. BGG will have more info about the particulars of the game system.